"Accelerating the use of genomic technologies in Australasia"

About AGTA

This is the homepage of the Australasian Genomic Technologies Association (AGTA)-previously AMATA. We are a not-for-profit association and a registered charity, dedicated to advancing and promoting the field of genomics and genomic technologies in Australasia.

AGTA is the principal body for the promotion of genomics research in Australasia. We draw on the astounding breadth of genomics research and technology development across Australasia.

AGTA’s main purpose is to:

  • Foster communication & collaborations between Australasian research groups utilising genomic technologies
  • Convene and underwrite an annual meeting of members and facilitate workshops on the use of genomic technologies and the analysis of genomic data
  • Facilitate and accelerate genomic and related technology development in Australasia
  • Support student and early career researchers, the genomic technology leaders of the future

By joining AGTA, you can benefit from the collective depth and breadth of expertise of the AGTA community. For a full list of members benefits and to know why you should be a member of AGTA, please click here.

A new era in genomic technologies

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2017/2018 Recipients  Quentin Gouil ($3,500) – Detecting non-CG DNA methylation by Nanopore sequencing Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Ruby Lin ($3,500) – Molec...Keep Reading

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